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Notary Value is a Public Notary In Manitoba with Over 50+ Years of Experience

There are no charges for the notary services

There are no charges for the notary services as we are non profit; all we do ask is a contribution of your choosing to a registered charity.

We meet with you in person (Unless you are disabled and remote signing is allowed by law). 


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50 years of Experience

Witness Certify And Seal Documents, Certificates Etc.

Reviews From Our Clients

Without any hesitation, I would recommend Value Notary. As it says, in my opinion you do get value for your money!!
The people at Value Notary are warm and friendly and really care!
The services I got at Value Notary were excellent! I would go back again if I needed to. If you need a document did go there.

Why Choose Us?

We GET Things Done

We can supply some forms/ tools to reach your goals. We champion and elevate our equality relationships!

*We do not give legal advice*

Always On Time

We value your time and are sensitive to your needs.

Hard Working

We work hard to help you to complete your goal and provide closure to your quest. We will help you find the solution to a problem if you cannot.


We will make ourselves available to you to help you, at your convenience wherever possible.

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