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The pure beauty of fresh air

It seems today that purer air is hard to get! And yet it is so important to try to keep the quality of the air we breathe as free of pollutants as possible. If you want to try to improve your environment then you can take steps to try to change the world around you. It,s interesting that there are agencies that engage in examining the pollutants which can affect our breathing and the reports show that the standards which seem appropriate are rarely met

Tiny airborne particles exist in the air although they are not readily visible. Particulates in the air are produced from vehicles, speaking, and breathing. coughing. and from the discharges of mechanical objects and tools, electricity,y washing etc Particles remain suspended in the air and it reaches you silently and quietly in most cases.

So how do we deal with this problem if we are concerned and want to act to reduce the possibilities? If we continue to breathe unfiltered toxins, chemicals pesticides parasites and viruses then we have to take action to try to mitigate its effects, Now that so many of us work at home it has become more critical to address this issue and think about how can economically and practically act.

The first course of action could be to examine your filtering system in your living space; if you are not able to do so yourself then you may need to hire a specialist. Diseases are spread. in the air and covid19 is predominantly airborne.

As you can understand filtering your air becomes a focus of your attention! And if it is hot outside our air conditioners are running and become a source of spreading unfiltered air. So check. your filter on the ac and winter check and change the filter on your furnace as often as possible. It is not a luxury to have cleaner air; it has become a necessity!

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