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The Sound of hope

The dance of energy abounds around the world and us. Patterns of movement over the universe are felt as are rhythms and changes as the earth spins.

If you look around and listen, the world is teeming with sound; from the birds, bees, trees, animals, flowers plants and instruments, including the voice and the tribes of people dancing to their own tunes.

If we listen we will hear the sounds all around us and if we are able to close out the negative sounds of aggression we will be able to take pleasure and inhale the sounds of nature for our betterment, and our peace.

Our way of life and our ” hustle” and “bustle” can cause us to unconsciously fail to hear the good sounds all around us. The reason health professionals recommend sitting and meditating in a garden is that it forces and resets our consciousness to focus on joy, goodness, hope and peace. It functions as a kind of survival mode to allow us to commandeer ourselves to rediscover the voices of nature and to activate a refreshed consciousness. in an effort to counteract unwanted sounds. This morning when I took an early walk, I heard a plane overhead which was loud and obtrusive and interfered with the quietude I was enjoying. This unfortunately is a common occurrence that we cannot control.

In that many parts of life have a character unbearable about them we have survived. Despite the aggressive tactics of some of our neighbours, nave lived another day and moved to declare peace, hope and courage to promote the movement of fairness and equality, reconciliation and the promise of future generations.

The good news is that researchers are working to find solutions to finding quietude. and a reduced sensory environment. It appears that people do want some quietude and a place to meditate.

Resolutions and revelations begin in our brains and the consciousness of considering the outcome of our behaviour and the outcomes of change. But we are capable of addressing change better and of changing ourselves and our attitudes if we only. have the will. It haS BEEN SAID THAT ONE PERSON CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE; THAT ONE PERSON CAN BE YOU!

” And in. naked light, I saw; Ten thousand people, maybe more; People talking, without speaking; people bearly without listening; people writing songs, voices never shared; and none dared; disturb the sound of silence.” ( Paul Simon)

During the recent trial of the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, one of the star witnesses was a Doctor, one who specialized in ” breathing”. He was called an expert in the actual function of breathing, the lungs and their role in living.

In this article, we are focusing on hearing and that involves LISTENING.
There is always a danger that if we fail to listen, we will only see, and that is not enough. We have to take care of our ears and our hearing which, unfortunately, can be neglected by a disregard for the delicate balance it provides to our being.

As we age and become more. “weathered’ we begin to understand some of life’s experiences. Successful listening often brings unexpected joy to one’s life.

The familiar song of a nearby bird or the orchestral offerings tied to an interesting voice may surprise us, perhaps not recognized, nevertheless, our ears are drawn to the sound. It has been reported that; this decreases stress and increases feelings of well-being! a kind of meditative state.

A spirit of hope then arises in our being, hope that the world will survive ie things will get better, we will increase our energy and joy will return. Joy is the power one needs to move forward without conditions; It gives life and a “raison d’ĂȘtre” and all things will return to us in a sensible, meaningful fashion and become relevant and meaningful to growth. The problem. we need to fix it because the world is getting louder and it is hard to protect our brains from the noise. Reducing noise is the responsibility of us all and we must act to try to reduce the levels permitted by our municipal and national regulations. Of course, we cannot block out sound; Sound has regenerated us and has restarted our ongoing goals you block out the good sounds than our ability to see where we are and where we are going. It is possible to imagine the sound and therefore have hope that you can still “hear” what is around you, still tap your toes and still take joy from seeing art seeing a singer, and imagining the notes. If you are quiet if you are meditating what do you hear? Perhaps you will become enlightened and be happy that you can still see and still imagine hearing; you can hear in your spirit in your soul, so there is hope that you can still function and adapt. The evidence clearly shows that we can benefit when we quiet things down, through silence, meditation or just a walk through the grass or woods.

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